Volume 8, Issue 2, March 2020, Page: 53-57
Economic and Breeding Value of Apple Varieties in Azerbaijan Republic
Aladdin Sadikov, Research Institute of Fruit Growing and Tea Production, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Zardabi, Cuban District, Azerbaijan
Received: Nov. 8, 2019;       Accepted: Mar. 19, 2020;       Published: May 18, 2020
DOI: 10.11648/j.ajaf.20200802.12      View  223      Downloads  59
Agriculture is one of the leading industries in Azerbaijan, and fruit science is developing on a scientific basis. In the orchards the apple plant takes the first place, and in these gardens there are applied varieties of national selection, introduction varieties, selection varieties of the Scientific-Research Institute of Fruit and Tea. The history of selection in the Azerbaijan Republic began in 1932 by researchers of the Guba Experiment Station. The father parent is used mainly for breeding, such as those obtained by national selection, and as the mother parent used introductioned varieties (F1) for breeding purposes: Anatolu, Arzu, Badami, Bichin goren, Vystavochnaya, New Rosmarine, Guba saffron, Kamshirin, Naila, Sona apple, Samed Vurgun, Neftchilara hadiyya, Azerbaijan reneti and so on. Varieties have been obtained these varieties are widely distributed in the regions of Azerbaijan, which have different soil and climatic conditions. To eliminate the deficiencies in these varieties, 23 new breeds have been acquired by repeated hybridization (F2) since 1985. These varieties (Nigar, Marfa, Sulkh, Sevinj, Chyrqqala, Emil, Shabran, Nyubar, Khazar, Vatan, Elvin, Davamly, Autumn Guba, winter Guba, Ulvi, Mahmari, Zumrud, Eldar, Nuran, Gizil Taj, Gobustan, Sarvan, Sadaf) submitted to the State Commission for Selection Achievement Testing and Protection. Varieties of Autumn Guba, Winter Guba, Elvin and Sevinj are zoned. The article provides information on the yield, productivity, some quality indicators, the sustainability of the vegetation period and economic efficiency as a result of research.
Apple Sorts, Crop Giving, Productivity, Quality, Indicators, Vegetation, Profitability, Azerbaijan
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